Amor en Acción

Our Story

Amor en Acción is a missionary community of the Archdiocese of Miami, formed in 1976 by a group of young immigrants. They were inspired by the principle of “faith without actions is dead”  (James 2:14), seeking ways to share that love they experienced in Christ with those living in poverty and suffering oppression.

 The group was officially established as a lay missionary community, working early in the Dominican Republic with the blessing and sponsorship of then Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy.  In 1979 his direction and guidance led Amor en Acción to begin collaborating in Haiti, as the missionary arm of the Archdiocese of Miami in its Sister Diocese relationship with the Diocese of Pot-de-Paix in Haiti. Today with the blessing and guidance of Archbishop Thomas Wenski, that relationship of solidarity with our Sister Diocese continues, and also in other areas in Haiti and in Dominican Republic.

It is the personal encounter in Christ experienced by members in short term mission trips and ongoing reflection, which fuels the missionary zeal and also the long term commitment to projects of evangelization, education, nutrition and development.  Amor en Accion continues to be primarily a volunteer missionary effort, enriched by its roots in a migrant story, and called to live mission in ordinary life, in extraordinary ways.

Archdiocese of Miami

Preparation for
short- term mission and ongoing formation, approximately 50 persons each year.

Mission Education in parishes and schools:  approximately 5,000 children served in mission presentations, programs and retreats. Approximately 1,000 adults.

Mission Network:  Coordinate the Steering Committee that unites
other mission groups and parishes of the Archdiocese of Miami that are engaged in missionary work, for mission reflection, and promoting  missionary awareness, and social advocacy throughout our community.


    Building education centers, providing medication, evangelizing communities and spreading God's love around the world.


    Engaging our community in long term discovery and discernment of the missionary call and preparing groups for  missions  to serve in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


    Responding to urgent needs in times of crisis and disaster and supporting long term recovery needs.