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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the next Mission?

Our next Scheduled Missions are:

Haiti: TBA, preparation starts on TBA

Dominican Republic: TBA, preparation starts on TBA

Contact for more information.

What are the objectives for Mission?

The objectives for our Missions are:

  • Have an Experience of Faith & the Universality of Faith
  • Learn and Experience Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Learn and Reflect on Catholic Social Teaching
  • Discern Lay Christian Vocation
  • Witness and be a Presence of Solidarity
  • Engage in Mission in Reverse
  • Encourage a Commitment to Peace and Justice.

Why do we prepare?

We find it necessary and imperative to prepare individuals in our groups for their mission experiences, in order to immerse ourselves into the lives of those who are suffering, with respect and reverence.  Preparation sessions are designed to develop an understanding of mission and provide an opportunity for reflection and discernment that can continue long after the mission experience.

In the sessions, we learn about who we are as missionaries and what that means! Topics include: what the Church teaches about mission, the identity of Amor en Acción, Missionary Spirituality and practical issues of travel.

Where do we stay?

We are welcomed as guests of the Church, representing the Catholic Church of Miami and serving as an extension of the work of the local diocese and parish that is hosting us. This means the pastor, religious congregation or other pastoral leaders that receive us are our hosts & guides regarding our work and living needs. Though the circumstances are very poor, they do a great deal to welcome us!

What do we DO on Mission?

The work that we do is guided by the needs of the communities that welcome us.

In the Dominican Republic

Short-term missions occur generally in the summer months and range in length from 7 days to 6 weeks, other missionary trips occur by smaller groups 2-3 times during the year.  Preparation for the summer experience begins 5-6 months prior to the summer.  Currently we work with pastoral agents in San Pedro de Macoris and neighboring bateys through Bishop  and the Sisters of Scalabrini.

The groups participate in varied activities, depending on the particular needs expressed by the communities we work with.  Our goal is to be involved in activities in which missionaries can form relationships with the local people.  Whenever possible we seek to work in a collaborative effort with local community members.  The dates and daily schedules depend on the local needs of the people.  .  

The weeks usually consist of work largely in “campamentos” (faith-based summer camp) with children of the area.  This is a favorite request of the Sisters and parishioners in many areas as it is aimed at providing opportunities to learn about our Catholic faith and have moments of fun, for children whose lives in poverty are often marked by severe hardships.   Campamentos are run in a collaborative team of both missionaries and “compañeros” or local youth leaders.  This team model provides opportunities to build relationships and fosters leadership skills.  Other activities include participating in youth group activities, visiting the homes of children and families in community, medical consulting when personnel is available and other pastoral and motivational activities to encourage community groups in their development efforts. The groups have also participated in minor construction projects on occasion, at the request of the local community.

In Haiti  

Travel in Haiti has centered in the areas of Port-de-Paix Diocese, which is the sister diocese of the Archdiocese of Miami, and also in the parish of Gros-Morne of the Diocese of Gonaives.

The nature of the political situation in the middle years of our relationship with Haiti affected the ability to travel for long periods of time in the country.  However, our commitment and continued relationships with the pastoral agents there have been maintained through many efforts.  

The work is organized according to the guidance of the local priests and bishops.  We are often called to visit the different areas and meet with the local people, as this provides encouragement to local groups.  Local pastoral agents welcome the presence of the missionaries, as a symbol of hope to those who live in remote areas and rarely receive visitors.  The itineraries of these experiences change from day to day.  Historically, Amor en Acción groups have traveled throughout the Diocese with the local priests visiting the different schools and parishes where we have formed long-term commitments.  The mission duration and dates of travel vary according to the circumstances of the priests and the situation of the country.  We have also been involved in work of a medical nature when personnel are available for medical mission teams.

Working with Schools and University groups:

In some cases Amor en Acción works with schools, universities or local seminaries to organize and prepare their groups.

The short-term mission experience gives the groups a perspective of the universality of faith, and an experience of the strength and perseverance of the Haitian people.  It is an opportunity to discern vocation, increase awareness of social justice, and to build understanding within our own community, and also to strengthen the connection of sisterhood between the communities in Port-de-Paix, Haiti and the Archdiocese of Miami.

For a brochure with more information on Summer Missions, please click here to download.

All volunteers MUST reside in  the Archdiocese of Miami

If you live in the Miami-Dade/Broward/Monroe area, contact us for preparation sessions and group mission travel details!

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